About Tose

Tose is primed to be Zimbabwe’s most impactful, relevant, inclusive and supportive online community, globally connecting Zimbabweans around the world onto a single platform.

How We Started

Tose was founded 2018 out of a desire to globally connect Zimbabweans who in the last number of years have become scattered around the world. Many use different modes to remain in contact with friends, family and colleagues abroad. However, the community ties which held Zimbabweans were lost in the process.
Through this site, and constantly referencing the ideal, we can create a global village of a tight knit community of genuine Zimbabweans who care and respect one another.

Our Aim

TOSE’s aim is to make life easier for Zimbabweans by pooling a rich resource of relevant information, advice and support.
We’d like for conversations to flow freely in a mutually respectful manner and therefore keep intervention at a minimum.

The Tose Mission

Our Mission is to eventually tap into members' knowledge bases, lived experiences and expertise and ultimately create a rich resource of information, spanning from our diverse historical backgrounds, cultural values and practises, health, careers, the creative arts etc characterised by story telling, real life accounts, humorous encounters, brief commentaries or peculiar experiences. We value each and every member's contribution, positive support or even just your acknowledgement in the myriad of topics we will cover, as we embark on this ambitious journey of building a freely accessible wealth and repository of invaluable information.

About the Tose Discussion Forums

The Tose discussion forums are open 24/7 to every registered users. To access, post or participate in any forum, you need to register here.
For more details of how to post and get maximum use from the platform please visit our FAQs.

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