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It may be in your spam folder. If you can’t see one there, send us an email to contactus@tosezw.com. and we will resend you another link.

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Tose is an online global community of Zimbabweans living locally and abroad. It is the go to hub for all things Zimbabwean. It’s best described as Tose ZW Global Village. The site is not exclusively for Zimbabweans, but anyone interested in Zimbabwe. Most people will come to the site seeking advice and information and then find they’ve developed a strong sense of belonging, so will stick around to discuss in a wealth of topics spanning from our diverse historical backgrounds, cultural values and practises, health, careers, the creative arts and even some story telling- be it ngano, humorous encounters, brief commentaries or peculiar experiences.

You first need to be logged in on the site. At the top right of each conversation (or thread) there is an ‘Add a message’ icon. You can click on that. Then Type your message. When you have finished typing your message, click the preview button. Check your message and click edit and update your message if not like. If happy with your message, click post message Your message then gets posted on the site and other members can now see it.

You need to click on 'Start a Discussion' in header. Then type title that best accurately describes what you want to ask. And select category and describe question. Then you need to click on post.

Reporting a post is easy – you can do so via the report button that appears above each post and at the top right corner of every page. Select a reason for your report, add your message then post for our moderation team to look into the matter. Alternatively you can report by sending an email at contactus@tosezw.com.

Unfortunately, users can’t delete their own posts. However, if you need to have a post delete, send a report or email to contactus@tosezw.com. so our moderation team can look into it.

Yes. it’s possible to send a private message to a fellow Tose member. You can do this via a thread by clicking on the ‘Private Chat’ button next to their name.

Feel free to send us an email at contactus@tosezw.com. and we will respond to you as soon as possible.