Talking Guidelines

Forum Chat Rules

Here on the Tose platform we want to make everyone feel safe and respected to participate and be a part of the wider community. Our site is not premoderated. So to ensure things are running smoothly, here are a few rules on how people are expected to behave in our forum. We encourage everyone to adhere to these rules so we can normalise decent acceptable behaviour. However, we will not hesitate to delete posts or ban posters that don’t observe our policy.

In general:-
  • No personal attacks
  • No hate speech
  • No spamming
  • No trollhunting
  • No inflammatory behaviour
  • No unlawful posting

You can report any of the above to us, using the report button that appears above each post and at the top right corner of every page.

1. Report anything that doesn’t look right

Remember that as posts are not premoderated, we rely on our members to report any posts or behaviour that goes against our Guidelines.

If you see anything, be it a thread, mispost, offensive content that may be in breach of our rules, then please do not hesitate to report it via the report button that appears above each post and at the top right corner of every page. Our moderators cannot read through all posts before they are published, and so will need to work with community members to quickly deal with any posts that require attention.

2. Treat all members with respect

We urge you to treat fellow members with respect and dignity as you would if you were interacting face to face. Generally Zimbabweans are courteous and pleasant – we expect no less on this forum.

Our primary aim is to ensure Tose discussion platform is a safe space for our community member to interact and connect globally. It’s only by creating a truly safe space that people can feel confident to participate and express themselves fully.

3. Disagree with the post, not the poster

You may find you have a different opinion to a particular post. If you do, avoid making personal attacks. We will remove any posts we consider offensive, abusive or containing obscenities, once it’s brought to our attention.

4. Bullying, MLM, Spam and Posting Links

Tose is a place where community members can come to for answers and to share friendly support and advice about a myriad of issues that impact us in our day to day lives. Here members engage in constructive conversations, connect globally with fellow members and transact where possible. In order for this to happen and more, bullying behaviour will not be tolerated on this site. Anyone found bullying, risks being banned and may not be allowed back on the site.

Threads or posts containing MLM (multi-level marketing) links will be deleted. Posts promoting advertisements of personal products or service will be removed as soon as they are found.

If you’d like more information about promoting your product or service on the Tose Platform then please read about our advertising opportunities here.

We understand that sometimes you may need to share or post a link every so often. However, repeated attempts to spam the boards with links, will not be tolerated.

5. Trolls are not welcome here

Generally, Tose Community Members are genuinely informative, supportive, helpful and friendly even when they disagree! However, as is expected, from time to time, we may be visited by trolls (or troublemakers). If anyone suspects or identifies trolls, report to us via the report button that appears above each post and at the top right corner of every page – and we’ll look into and ban them.

6. You’re legally responsible for what you post

You may be held liable for any unlawful posts or comments. In instances where posters are using defamatory obscene language, they risk being reported to the responsible authorities.

7. Keep it clean

We don’t allow hate speech, personal attacks or posts worded in an inflammatory, aggressive or hurtful language. We expect our community members to be generally honest, courteous, polite and pleasant throughout.

Posts we consider to break this rule, will be deleted.

8. Don’t create multiple accounts

Members should desist from opening multiple accounts. If you do, we’ll assume you’re up to no good, and may ban all of your accounts.

9. Look out for one another

To keep conversations flowing smoothly whilst at the same time ensuring we maintain a safe space for our members, we need to look out for each other. If you’re worried about a user, or notice anything suspicious, get in touch with the moderation team via the report button that appears above each post and at the top right corner of every page or email us at

Take a look here for information on our privacy policy.

10. A note on posting as a professional

For legal purposes members are advised to not post messages in a professional capacity but rather in their personal capacity with a sole aim of providing support or to share useful information. It is understandable that from time to time, members may find it necessary to state their profession. However, we do ask members to not post messages that offer advice from a professional perspective on the forum. Tose cannot qualify any posts made from a professional standpoint unless it is with an appointed expert or professional we have officially agreed to work with beforehand.